Why encrypt

Currently when modern technologies are cheap and available the threat of eavesdropping is significantly higher than before. Advanced technologies are available not only for special government departments but also for ordinary people without need of large budget.

Threat of disclosure represents a risk for companies as well as for private life of prominent individuals.

Potential threats

  • disclosure of trade secret,
  • disclosure of information about a future contract to competitors,
  • leakage of critical technological data,
  • blackmailing based on captured sensitive data.

Misusing data from a stolen or lost phone means another risk. Your phone numbers may have an immense value even for a chance finder. He may try to sell them e.g. to competitors, gutter press etc.

CryptoCult application offers you the following solution

  • call encryption, no one will be able to intercept your calls
  • e-mails and text messages encryption
  • prevent access to sensitive data if your phone gets to authorized hands

Thanks to our application you will not be limited any more – you can handle all sensitive business or private matters over phone or e-mail without any risk. It also saves your time which you would have to spend on the road when going to personal meetings.

Safeguard your e-mails

It is a wrong assumption that e-mails are read only by intended recipients. Before you get an e-mail it may be read by several e-mail servers or by any person that gets access to it. If you do not encrypt your e-mails they are sent in its original form in which they are also read by recipients. Thanks to the encrypted e-mail communication an illegible string gets to the network which makes sense only after being decrypted by the intended recipient using a key.